Tok Question 1 2010/11

“There are no absolute distinctions between what is true and what is false”. Discuss this claim.

If you would like to make ToK hard for yourself, choose this question. It’s a nasty one. What the devil is an absolute distinction? If you can’t tackle this, you can’t tackle this question properly, and you should . . . → Read More: Tok Question 1 2010/11

Tok Question 7

” How can we recognize when we have made progress in the search for knowledge? Consider two contrasting areas of knowledge.”

My feeling is that this is an easy question to approach at a simplistic level, but quite a hard one to do really well on.

Your essay will turn around the definition of . . . → Read More: Tok Question 7

ToK Question 6 2010/11

Now I am feeling a lot less sick, here is the first of my promised analysis of the ToK questions. I would say that the approach I take here is not the only one. The big failing that people have when tacking a ToK question is to include insufficient personal involvement with the question. . . . → Read More: ToK Question 6 2010/11

Overused ToK

Whilst tutoring, I pondering on what examples you should definitly not use in a ToK essay.

The examples I thought of are all ones which are overused by ToK students. Whilst they may be interesting the first time you hear them, they are becoming clichés.

The point of ToK is to force you to . . . → Read More: Overused ToK

ToK Essays

ToK essays are the bane of people’s lives. Being a friendly person,  over the next few posts, I shall deconstruct some of the ToK questions from the 10/11 set, and explain how I would set about tackling them. Please remember that ToK is a very personal thing: how I approach it is not going . . . → Read More: ToK Essays

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