Overused ToK

Whilst tutoring, I pondering on what examples you should definitly not use in a ToK essay.

The examples I thought of are all ones which are overused by ToK students. Whilst they may be interesting the first time you hear them, they are becoming clichés.

The point of ToK is to force you to . . . → Read More: Overused ToK

Content Welcome

If you are a former IB student, and would like your old work to be used to help benefit future IB students, please get in touch with Simon. They do not to be outstanding, as people can learn from your mistakes as much as your successes.

Content is welcome from all subjects, but the . . . → Read More: Content Welcome

Schoolgate and the IB

Shameless plug for my article on ‘Should I do the IB’ recently published in The Times.

Click here for the article.

ToK Essays

ToK essays are the bane of people’s lives. Being a friendly person,  over the next few posts, I shall deconstruct some of the ToK questions from the 10/11 set, and explain how I would set about tackling them. Please remember that ToK is a very personal thing: how I approach it is not going . . . → Read More: ToK Essays

First proper post

Welcome to the IB Guide.

The Book is now being proofed, I am hopeful of publication by the end of Term 2. In the mean time, I am going to be adding more content to this site to supplement the book.

Check back soon for more stuff.

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