Overused ToK

Whilst tutoring, I pondering on what examples you should definitly not use in a ToK essay.

The examples I thought of are all ones which are overused by ToK students. Whilst they may be interesting the first time you hear them, they are becoming clichés.

The point of ToK is to force you to consider your life and your learning. ToK examiners want you to show that you have thought about what has happened to you.

Bad ToK examples include:

  • The fact that Eskimos have many words for snow. They do have a lot, but unless you are an Eskimo, it’s of no interest to you. Likewise the two Chinese words for crisis/opportunity.
  • Galileo.  Everyone knows he proved the world was round and the Catholic church didn’t like him. It doesn’t add much.
  • Hitler. King of the Overused Examples and used as a synonym for evil. Please avoid in any context. Similarly Nazi, Gestapo etc, save for when giving a specific example.

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