Tok Question 1 2010/11

“There are no absolute distinctions between what is true and what is false”. Discuss this claim.

If you would like to make ToK hard for yourself, choose this question. It’s a nasty one. What the devil is an absolute distinction? If you can’t tackle this, you can’t tackle this question properly, and you should look elsewhere. That said, however, if you are aiming right at the top of the marks, this question offers you an opportunity for that (although, if you are, you probably don’t need my humble blog)

If  I were to tackle this, I would think very hard about what aan absolute distinction is. The simplest way of defining it would be to say that an absolute distinction is an objective distinction. Now, unfortunately, that brings us into what an objective distinction is.

I would imagine that you get around the issue (which will not get you the very best marks) by claiming that an absolute distinction can exist everyone could agree on the difference between truth and falsity, regardless of time and situation. With that in mind, you would be in to maths being

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