About the IB

If you have never heard of the IB, this is the page for you.

The IB is a diploma style, school based qualification, designed for intelligent, motivated 16-18 year olds. It is a highly rigerous, international qualifcation, designed for those who aim to go on to University.

The IB in 6 points:

  1. Every student studies 6 subjects. Everyone studies: their first language, a second language, mathematics, a natural science, a human science and one further subject which can (but doesn’t have to be) an arts/creative subject. 3 of these are done at Higher Level (equivilant to a full A-level in the UK), and 3 of them are done at Standard (equivilant to an AS level in the UK).
  2. Each subject is scored out of 7.
  3. In addition, every student studies a course of Theory of Knowledge and writes an extended essay. Together, these can add 3 further points to your score.
  4. Therefore, the maxium possible is 45. (6 subjects at 7 points each, plus 3 bonus points from ToK/Extended Essay.) This is scored by 0.2% of the world. A typical Oxbridge offer is 40 points. The average score worldwide is 30 points.
  5. ToK is a course of applied philosophy. It is designed to give students an insight into the problems of knowledge in their life, and some of the limitations of their ability to know something. The Extended Essay is a 4,000 word research essay, written over the two years of the course, on a subject chosen by the student. Both are compulsory.
  6. As a “counterbalance” to the academic rigour of the course, every student completes 150 hours of community service, known as CAS (Community, Action, Service).

There. A potted history of the IB.

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